Shredder blades Mild steel or Stainless Steel

Hello Community

Can we use Mild Steel (MS) for making shredder blades instead of using Stainless Steel (SS 304)?


yes you can i made one from mild steel

Corrosion would depend a lot on where you are located and how wet the material you are using.

Mild steel might get a surface rust, but if it’s being used it won’t ever really show. Now if you are somewhere with high humidity it might be more an issue.

Here in Alberta I would have no issue using mild steel, and am actually making mine from partially mild steel.

You could use a high carbon steel, it’s much more corrosion resistant than mild steel and is also much harder without being brittle like stainless. I am using AR400 plate for the cutters. Something like AR plate or even QT100 would stay sharper for significantly longer (like 10x longer) and much less chance of chipping than SS304.

The AR plate is cheaper than SS here.

Thanks for the reply.

Is it cutting the plastic properly?

Mild steel and Stainless steel differs in hardness and also mild steel gets corroded easily.

So is it okay to use?

Also i would want to know the ratings of motor you used in the shredder machine. Can we use 0.5hp motor? And rpm?