Shredder Blue print files in 3d printer formats

Hello Guys,

Does anyone has the blueprint files in 3D printer standard, please? Or is there a way to convert from CAD format to 3D printer.

I want to create a prototype and the company that do the 3D work mentioned the below:

“We only accept STL, OBJ, STEP and IGES files”

I’ve been looking online on How-To convert, but so far I’ve not found a easy solution. If anybody can shine some light or help me with this would be a huge help.

thank you

the files in the downloaded pack are already in step and iges.


You do not want these files in stl, unless you want the laser operator to curse you that is.

the files you need are in dxf.  they are in the laser cut parts folder or something like that.


2D DXF for 2D cutting  stl for 3D machining (although step and IGES is also good)  the machine operator probably is not interested in the step file cause he does not know which parts exactly to cut and its a pain to open each part individually in the assembly tree, and export as dxf.  (like 2-3 solid hours of work)

Hi @btmetz the companies I’ve found are mentioning that they cant print the parts with the CAD files I provided. They claim that they need the files for piece by piece.

The CAD contain the file from the whole shredder, including the rack and motor.

Is there any other file besides the pdfs with pieces separated?

I have 0 idea about how CAD works and etc… so not sure what is the standard.

thank you

Hi Btmetz… found those files…

thank you sir!