Shredder Build Out

ok. New to this. I feel like I was led to your site after chopping plastics by hand forever and handmaking basic molds. I have no experience what so ever in machine building, but have met up with some people who are going to help out. What type of files will they need to get the parts made? Laser files? CAD? Thanks for any info!

hey @hslater – you should have done a bit of homework before posting 😉 …everything is readily available on the main site

the most important part is the motor – learn about it here

(Almost) Definitive guide on Motors (WIP)

Also check the wiki

Also beware that some people (me included) are having issues with the shredder
so look for alternatives in this forum post

New economic plastic Shredder design

hey lyricalpolymath, ,did do some research ;). Just wondering which files I would actually need to send to a machinist for them to do build out. partnered up with an engineer down here with a makerspace. got the injection built. working great so far!