Shredder Build – Work In Progress

Currently in the process of building a shredder for the company I work for as part of a recycling initiative in Vancouver, BC. Our hope is to recycle sample product each season, on top of using the shredder as an educational piece in our office to raise awareness.

Leeson 2hp 3 Phase Motor (1800 RPM)
30:1 Gear Reducer (60 RPM)
2hp Teco Variable Frequency Drive

I went with a 3 phase motor and VFD to allow us to change the speed of the shredder, as well as add forward and reverse functionality. The shredder unit was built to spec by another PP Forum member, and the rest of the parts were sourced locally and online.

The open source plans were used to really understand the build, although I am building the frame and set up from scratch, as I go. Looking to add some additional safety features to take the machine to the next level, and will be sure to share more photos as they come. Currently working on the machine every Friday.

Shredder Deck