Shredder Cutting Area Calculation

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I’m sorry if this question seems to be asked over and over again, but I still have my doubts.

I’ve already read the thread  Calculations Required for Shredder. I’ve also read the How much cross section area can cut this shredder? thread. There are explanations about the cutting area. What I don’t really understand is, does the blade thickness really not counted as a defining parameter for the cutting area? I will attach my opinion about the cutting area, and why blade thickness is important as a defining parameter for the cutting area calculation (thus, power requirement). Please, give me your thoughts about It.

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As for why the blade thickness is important, that is because the plastic (or scrap) to be cut must have a dimension more than the blade thickness. If less, then the plastic (or scrap) will be “pushed away” instead of getting cut because It will receive no resistance force (as explained from the thread Calculations Required for Shredder that the plastic will need to be exerted 2 (type of) forces, which are equal in magnitude, perpendicular to the plane of cutting, and opposite to each other. This is true since if you want to deform (or in this case shred) a material, you will need to put It in static equilibrium condition.

As the blade rotates, even though the plastic (or scrap) has a dimension bigger than the blade thickness, It will always cut into the dimension of the blade thickness, which is why I thought the cutting area is supposed to be the blade thickness x the thickness of the material.

I replied inside my original post that you read the calculations required for shredder. I will make a video to explain but the blade thickness has nothing to do with the calculations. Check out my reply ask me any questions you have.

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