Shredder design which can shred empty 3D printing


are there any versions of a shredder design, which are big enough to feed standard size empty filament spools?

After some years of 3D printing, I’ve collected a good size stack of empty filament spools… they are not recycled by the vendor or distributor, but I also didn’t want them to throw away.
I kept them for the day I would be able to reuse or recycle them.

Most of them are made from ABS


If you can manage to build/get a filament maker, you would need those empty spools instead. You might find in the community somebody who would happily take them or buy them from you for this purpose 😉

Or you could simply use a hammer and smash them into pieces that would fit the standard PP shredder.
ABS is not elastic like PP or PE. It tends to break given enough pressure, just like PS but way more solid.

@olce you could build a double-shredder, which is basically the same Precious Plastic shredder but using twice the amount of knives, that would allow you to feed an entire spool. Another option would be to just break the spool into smaller pieces.