Shredder Drawings, trouble viewing

I’m having trouble viewing the DXF files for the laser cutting. AutoCAD opens to a blank drawing and I have tried zooming in to see it.
I think its something simple that I’m missing.

I tried different versions of auto cad, I’ve been told I need solid works? Anyone else have trouble?

thanks for the response guys  cgoflyn sonic    Helped out massively :).

@michaelmichael, yes they are right on the mm. just a side note on this: the used hex bar isn’t really very common to get, at least not here in spain or germany. so we opted for a larger diameter which is also better suited for larger motors (3-4 Kw) , 32 mm from hex side to side. We’ve placed the updated laser files ready to send to laser service here. Also, consider using Fusion360, which takes the v3 kit as is (import files from the CAD folder). There you can also import and export the dxf files easily.

Ofcourse they are to scale. As i said, you can open (import) them in freecad and you can verify.

Hi guys,

Just wondering: are the dxf drawings to scale? Me and my group have contacted some laser-cutting companies and they keep asking if the dxf drawings are to scale. We’re unsure so I came here hoping somebody could give me an answer.


here’s some reading problem, hope will help

You can open (import) the dxf files in freecad, free, open-source and crossplatform.