Shredder electronics v3.1

this is an attempt to standardize the shredder electronics, also to give official recommendations (v3.1). I have no numbers on how many people build the shredder them-self and so it’s not an issue for them per se (?).

However shipping this kind of device to clients is quite a different story. There are issues to be addressed concerning security and ergonomy.

To build a commercial shredder, I don’t see other than involving a VFD. The VFD handles lots of problems and also has the outlets to address most problems. We are using always original HUYANG inverters, also to enable direct solar feed 🙂

Let’s look at the desired functions : 

1. 3x Emergency switches, 2 near the shredder hopper, enabling left/right hand people to stop the thing at reach. The 3 third one at the machine’s chassis for another person to stop it.

2. 1x main power switch, if enabled the VFD will start the shredder start; preferably with a key

3. Forward/Backward switch, using the VFDs 5/10 inputs

4. 3 position rotary switch to quickly set the speed : 30 Hz, 40Hz, 50 Hz. That’s also needed if you run an extrusion with the same drive. I’d love to see here actually a programmable memory bank to set speed according to plastic type.

5. RPM display

6. acoustic over torque signal

7. external VFD error LED
8. optical enclosure open sensor

That are the very basics for now 🙂

Optional modules

1. jam – auto – reverse electronic (using the VFD inputs/outputs) : to be continued, i am still testing a few ideas
2. monitoring electronic : drawn amps, power consumption : to be continued
3. hopper open sensor (simple optical switch): if enabled, the shredder works only with hopper attached.

please feel free to add missing points, I am happy to know about more 🙂 I am updating this post on the go.