Shredder Electronics

In the shredder video Mr. Hakkens makes reference to an electronics video, but I can’t seem to find this, or any specific instructions in the zip file. Is this largely reliant on the type of motor used?


yes, it is dependant on type the motor you use, amperage/current being one reason, you’l need components that can take the load.

this video should send you on the right track

not forgetting, the idea is to find a cheaper alternative, especially in countries where its hard to find secondhand industrial AC motors and all the required accessories.

@wess – Sure, a 3 phase motor would be ideal, but most household/users only have access to single phase without an expensive upgrade from their power-company.

AFAIK the single phase engine @kettlekekkers use delivers a torque in the 400-500 Nm range and should do the trick even though stonker is always better.

Personally if it were me, I would lean toward oversizing the motor/torque requirements than getting too little. Last thing you want to do is lock-up the motor, and you’ll take a LOT of torque to break any components inside the machine.

I really like my 3-phase motor with VFD, and was about the same price as a single phase motor without a VFD.

glad you asked, what i found was its all in the Gearing, i didn’t have the money/or knowledge of retailers to buy a singular motor and gearbox and electronics, so i brought a used a garden mulcher from ebay, and dismantled its motor from its casing with the electronics. which so far has worked perfect.

hope this helps you on your way to building a shredder 🙂

Thanks very much! Did you find that a 2.2 kilowatt/ 2hp motor was required to make the shredder or can we use a less powerful one?