Shredder files error

Hi everybody! Ivo Rodrigues from Lisbon here.
I’m starting to get all the parts to build a Shredder but I’ve noticed two things on the laser-cut files that made me a bit puzzled:

  1. the Sieve Bracket on the “02_shredding laser overview.pdf” is specified as 3mm, on the other hand, on “overview.pdf” the same piece is 6mm thick;
  2. the Bearing Spacer, on “02_shredding laser overview.pdf” in the picture has 34mm (the same as the DWG file), but on the table the same piece is specified as 32mm wide.

I don’t know if this little things are redundant or not to the construction of the Shredder, but laser cutting metal here in Portugal is a bit expensive, so I wanted to make sure everything is ok before ordering it.

For those here in Portugal: the cheapest budget I’ve found so far to laser-cut the pieces was 143€ from Hope this helps anybody. Or if you find any cheaper, tell me! 🙂

Great project going on here!!!

I Ivo Rodrigues, I’m Hugo from cambodia.
I have also found this two Shredder files error. But I think we can trust the dimension on the lazer files, especially files.dwg .
I am also looking to laser-cut the different pieces here in Phnom Penh, but for now I haven’t found a place to do so with Stainless steel.

I will tell you how much I’have paid as soon as I found a place 🙂

Trust the dwg files, the pdf files have several discrepancies, so only use them for general reference.