Shredder from Austria

I came via Facebook to this site and i love the idea of recycling plastic on my own. so i startet imediatly to check the parts for the shredder.

My cousin cutted the laserparts in the company he works for free 🙂
Today i got them
The bearings i ordered on ALiexpress (15.58 €/pcs)
The axe i ordered at an austrian steel provider €20

Now i will assamble the shredder and check if a 24v Wheelchairmotor will be good for it

FREE!?! Wow, I wish I had your cousin!

Hi Stefan,

I am from Prague and I would like to ask you if you could be interested in hiring the machine for about one week in July… We would like to make our ownfor an event we run with recycle theme, but we are not sure we are able to finish it in time.

In case of interest, feel free to send me an email – Michal(at)

Thank you!


Hallo Stefan,

könntest Du mal Deinen Cousin fragen, ob er Interesse hat mir einen Satz Laserteile zu verkaufen?