Shredder in Every Household inefficient

Hi Everyone,

A Facebook post came across my feed a while back, (I don’t recall if it was by precious plastics or not) where it was mentioned that having a shredder in every household would be inefficient.

Why would this be inefficient? Is it because we don’t have a way to support all the shredded plastic if every house was shredding it?

Do you think we could create a support program where each consumer of plastic sort there own plastics, making them responsible for what they consume?

I feel like US recycling is inefficient.


Here are some points :
1. It’s difficult to identify a lot of plastics when no resin identification code is added to the product. This becomes more difficult when nobody knows what additives are mixed within plastics except the manufacturer and some legal authorities in each country. Creating a good quality raw material usable by manufacturers would need this.

2. A pure shredding process implies the maintenance of the shredder whenever there is a change in plastic type or color or usage, otherwise you could get some plastic contamination. Mixing food grade HDPE waste with some industrial grade HDPE will make it useless for food grade packaging. Handling shredder’s continuous maintenance is kinda dangerous to make it a household item, though there could be some progress in the future to build a safer equipment

3. A shredder in every household implies a plastic storage for every household, or nearby or a waste collection service.

4. Shredding plastic without getting any clear profit out of it is not very motivating for people in general. Precious Plastic tries to spread knowledge about the cycle of plastic and how you could bring some plastic and get some kind of a reward in return 🙂

There might be other points I’ve overlooked.
The only advantage I see if a household shredder is made someday, is actually the fact its motor would be less powerful and easier to find than those used in PP’s blueprints.

Plus people on a different wavelength to the PP enthusiasts have absolutely no interest in running a recycling plant!! Which is fine, as luckily there are plenty of PP enthusiasts!

along with the points previously mentioned, it would require that everybody should buy a shredder along with the motor and electronics. it would also require the necesary space with it.

Also, running the machines on every house will increase the daily kwh consumption and will cause that countries with non-renewable energy sources have to burn more coal or petrol to satisfy the power demand.

Precious Plastic is intented to unite communities together towards a common goal, not isolating everyone and make recycling a private activity.

Finally, building the machines is expensive as hell. Many people struggles to make end mets, so wanting to have people buying $800 motors is simply not going to happen.