Shredder instructions

Hello to the whole community!

I have received the shredder parts, and after sanding and other preprocessing I have reviewed the documentation to start assembling it; but in reality there is no pdf, image or video that really covers the entire process.
In the Youtube video, some steps are skipped and there is no information anywhere about the type of threaded rod or nuts that are used.I ask to the community and especially those who have already assembled these machines to post in the answers, some guide or instructions that will help ANYONE to be able to mount it.


hey there,
yeah, there are lots of details missing, especially for beginners …

you can open the CAD file here or in ‘Fusion 360’ (zip file /build/shredder/CAD File)

there you can measure distances etc…

to mount it : simply make it strong as you can, this thing will create a little earth quake in your shop :-). the shredder itself wants M10 and M8 threads.

if you need more help, you can whatsapp us as from monday on, we give free support, also in spanish or catalan

good luck