Shredder issues

@xxxolivierxxx I put my shredder together and it flows freely but it makes a noise can anybody suggest what it could be? the knives seem to be aligned properly and also the bearing units.

noise, from where ? you have a photo or video ?

Nice, I’m currently using Martin roller sprocket couplings and they are amazing and super cheap, $27 for 2 sprockets plus the double chain. They do allow for some misaligment as well thanks to the chain

@timhardex @xxxolivierxxx
I was the same when i saw the video ( the heart attack bit) but it was the angle of the camera his hands were away enough to not get into trouble. I also agree with the public bit as well. I was eager to show you guys the build because you and oliver helped me out with advice.
As for the coupling its called a tapered lock bush or coupling and comes with a rubber spider to insert inside the coupling to take up any mis alignment.
i couldnt find any links that resembled my actual coupling but this is the installation video for something similar or at least one half.

nice work, not sure the motor power matches the reducer, and the axle will survive hard plastic but you will see.

i always get a heart attack when people have their hands on dragging forces, you literally die here, i’d never suggest this in public 😉
anyways, congrats!

you have some more detail/link for the couplings, seems interesting ?

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hey guys just wanted to say thanks once again I got the shredder going today and as promised i uploaded a vid

Now its time to finish it off since all the tests worked out.

yeah, i am looking at such design right now too. by expensive i mean the time and resources it still requires. we’re talking here weeks of afternoons, endless grinder discs and what not.

aliexpress seems to be a good source for reliable/cheap source of crusher knifes : 淘宝网 - 淘!我喜欢

@timhardex is not expensive to develop your own shredder, the expensive part is probably paying for the laser cut service multiple times until you get a functional shredder design.

I have noticed that most other shredders have small teeth that cut better and require less torque, such as this one (jump to min 2:00):

lol, it really depends how your laser cuts went. here in spain, where we mostly pay the double, and yet still get the half of the quality, the laser cut results i got were just awful, all off by 10-20 %. looking at the drawings it seems all fine. however, what worries more that my clients come back with worn out blades… i am desperate to get another shredder design together but it turns out insane expensive to develop this on your own.

@plastikfantastik I have always suspected @davehakkens edited his shredder build video to remove the noise and make us think his shredder spins perfectly and is totally silent. I have never seen any other shredder that doesnt make noise when spinning

@xxxolivierxxx  @timhardex
Hey guys thanks for all your great feedback it’s quite comforting to know what others have experienced. I only had dave’s videos to compare with.
I had it running today and it gave me more noise but different than the one in the link. I pumped a bit grease into the bearing cases and it ran like a dream.  Will post a link in another post

I agree, the v3 shredder does actually new noises with each new run. You will see, enjoy the quiet shredder in it’s new state, it will be the last time you hear it like this 🙂

Your shredder is way too quiet buddy, you should hear mine, sounds like a storm is approaching.

That sound is probably a little friction between one of the rotating knives and one of the small fixed knives, but as long as the shredder spins freely like yours does I would not worry.

seems all ok. i wouldn’t worry too much about, as long it spins freely like in the video. you could however open all up again to search for scratches, and then bend the trouble making blade a little, you can also then use sheet gauges to add some spacing (max. 0.2 mm) between the spacers but again, i won’t worry.

just uploaded a link for you to see