My name is Pablo Zalaquett and we just finished building the shredder machine here in Indonesia.

The problem is that the motor did not work properly and one of our blades got broken.

Which is they ideal motor to use in the Shredder machine?
Does someone has built it who could share the info with us?

Thank you very much
(below a picture of our shredder machine)

Hi @pablo, i was a couple of months building this machine because teh same problem, de powerful to shop diferent types of plastic.
Finally i found a 3 HP motor and it work very well.

What are the specifications of your motor??


Hello @pablozalaquett
If the motor was powerful enough to break the blades, it means you don’t need more horse power. The problem might be that you dropped a nut, bolt or any other piece made of a hard material, or the blades in your shredder were not properly aligned before testing it with the motor.

I hope you get to fix your machine soon, let us know if you need any help.