Shredder machine without laser cutting

Is possible to construct the shredder machine without laser cutting? I’m from Venezuela, and here it’s not so easy to encounter that service. Someone from Venezuela have construct this machine with a laser? o maybe someone have construct this machine without laser?. Sorry for my English.

there are 2 more options :
– plasma & water jet cut : but needs extra work with a file
– you could make the shapes with a drill press (making hundreds of small holes), takes a long time but possible. you can polish all with an angle grinder and a dremel.
I don’t know import/export from USA to venezuela, you already tried to find something in the Bazar ? I know only of PreciousPlastic USA. Their set is around 700$ but you should get it there also for 300$ (but not assemblies or welded)

Thanks to all your answers, especially you pporg, for give me the possibility of giving me the blades…  but I have to be honest with you, I don’t have any possibilities to construct this machine… Live in my country by itself is difficult, I barely have enough to cover my most basic needs.
I was interested in this case, (in the construction of the shredding machine without laser) because I have the idea to maybe make a proyect about the redesign of this machine in a more affordable way, maybe without the laser cutting.  I thought that someone in the community with more experience and knowledge about this machine would have the kindness and disposition to give me an idea about this, giving me some advice on the subject. I was looking for a way to make the shredder cheaper that’s all. I already see some post like this :


But I think that design lacks the essence of the machine itself.

Just out of curiosity, why do you need a shredder? At the small scale that your example shredder would provide, the injection machine and the press both could use manually cut plastic. The extrusion machine is the only one that really needs small size plastic. Do you already have an extrusion machine? If so, you may want to look at the designs that could use the same motor and transmission that you are using for your extrusion machine. You may want to size the blades to the torque available in your motor/transmission.

if you want to shred house hold plastics : no !
even the PP shredder is too weak in some ways…
you are sure you can actually get a motor with a reducer (min 2-3Kw, 1500W, 1:20) ? did you already visited scrap yards ?
we have a spare set of shredder blades we could send you (free, except the shipping), still you need a 27 mm hexbar,

please find a metal work service and ask a little around (plasma, motors, couplings)

it’s difficult for me to buy something in the bazar. Here it’s not too easy to have the money to pay that prices for the kits… I’m thinking about making something like this, changing the knifes, the shaft, and the casing for something like this:



But I don’t know what will change if I use wood instead of steel how is specified in the blueprints