Shredder normal vs stainless steel


I saw different sets of laserparts, in stainless and mild steel.

What are the advantages of stainless?
Is it so much more durable against wear?

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They are both about equal in wear, but stainless is significantly less prone to rust. You can get the steel passivated by a local metal finishing company, or you can use stainless right off the bat. Any liquids or humid environments, standard steel will rust very quickly.

Stainless Steel is not the same as chrome plated steel. Stainless is an alloy that contains chrome, nickel and other ingredients. There are many different types of stainless alloys with different properties.

Stainless is harder than mild steel (though it varies according to the grade, there are softer stainless steels made to be machined more easily). Though for shredding plastic, mild steel is plenty hard enough.

The main benefit of stainless is that it resists corrosion (rusting), though it is much more expensive than mild steel.

Stainless steel is significantly tougher than mild steel, my guess is that it would last a lot longer, but the downside is that it is somewhat more difficult to work with. for the best price to performance i would personally go with stainless steel blades and other things that get wear, and mild steel for the rest. you just have to be aware that the mild steel would rust quicker than if it was all mild steel due to a process called galvanic corrosion:
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Stainless steel (inox) is ordinary steel coated generally in chrome to resist rust. If you make sure your plastic dry with every use of your shredder, then you can guarantee its long life. Otherwise you can just do some periodical maintenance by disassembling your shredder parts and cleaning them and remove any rust if found.

I think stainless steel or proper maintenance can reduce the chance to find the very small traces of metal in your shredded plastic produce.