Shredder or Granulator

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I want to understand the difference between a plastic shredder and a granulator?

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There isn’t much of a difference. In a shredder, you can insert any kind of material and it will just cut it into tiny irregular pieces, while a granulator makes “granules” or pellets.
In this video you can have a better video of what a granulator does (starts at min 4:20)

No, that’s a pellet mill. Though the words pellet and granule are often used to describe the same thing so there is some confusion.

A granulator is similar to a shredder. It has a spinning rotor with multiple blades which pass (with very small clearance) fixed anvils. Material to be granulated is often fed in along the surface of the anvil. Granulators can be small or very large, they usually run at a higher speed and require less torque than a shredder due to the momentum of the spinning mass. They can have various uses from chopping extruded filament into injection moulding granules/pellets to reducing large plastic objects such as crates and pallets into small pieces.