Shredder part

hello everyone,

is there a complete list of all the materials you need to built the shredder, I was looking for the blue part on the side of the shredder part.

thx cas,

Hello @casb
All of the parts can be found in the Precious Plastic download package, specifically at:

…\precious-plastic-kit-master\3. Build\Shredder\bill of materials Machines – shredder.pdf

Most of the parts described under “Machine Parts” are the ones you need to laser/water cut (except from the hexagonal bar, angle profile and mesh) and can be found in the .dxf files.

With blue part, do you refer to the motoreducer (motor plus reductor attached)?
Or perhaps the “UCFL204 20mm bearings“? These bearings were not mentioned in the Bill Of Materials pdf, but they can be found at:

“\precious-plastic-kit-master\3. Build\Shredder\Blueprints\01_shredding overview.pdf”

@casb no problem, glad to help 😉

thank you so much @xxxoliverxxx

those bearings parts were the ones I ment, and the 3.0 version will help me a lot

greetings, Cas