Shredder parts full size templates

Some people have been having problems scaling and printing out the shredder blueprints at 1:1 size. I’ve created the The attached pdf which contains full size drawings for printing out templates to cut the shredder parts by hand. Some pages need to be printed more than once to get the full number of parts. Some printers might need a slight adjustment in the scaling, so verify the correct sizes with the measurements given in the blueprints to make sure.

hmmm… can’t attach the actual .pdf to be downloaded it seems. It just gets turned into a picture.

@renaissance Not only in Canada, this is a problem in all America. Have a look at this topic:

This is just the template for the shredder box, right? Assuming people can hand cut and weld that out of scrap sheet metal? Also, same question as @superfau – did it work?

Hey! Did you manage to make your shredder work? What conversions did you use?

Thank you for making this @andyn, this helps a lot!

Left-clicking the image automatically downloaded it as a pdf. for me via Mac. Cheers mate!

Thank you so much for doing this for me you saved me a lot of trouble. No i can get my metal for tomorrow. Have to use imperial because its hard to find metric in canada for some reason.

Ok, left click the picture, then right click on the new picture that opens and select ‘save as…” or ‘print…” that should work.