Shredder teeth cutting in Netherlands


I’m just a middle school student and now I have a problem to cut the shredder teeth. Most laser cutting companies or workshops didn’t reply my request.
So if you know any laser cutting places in the Netherlands (better be closer to Den Haag), please tell me.
And if you can sell me the blades things, please leave a note.



Hi @simeng Li
ik zou deze nemen, 247 tailorsteel.
worden nog thuis afgeleverd ook……

Hi Teeuw,

Thanks for your concern. I already sorted it out in China. It’s much easier to find a company in there :).

Hello @simeng,

I might be able to help you. I work at a company specialised in laser cutting. company is called ITM
its not in the area of Den Haag. but with email and mail allot is possible.
What are you looking for?

Yeah I tried. But they said that they only respond to business order now. (I told them I’m a student.)