Shredder Version 2.0

Washing machine is a good options since it;s worldwide available. But we tried, not powerful enough. Haven’t tried a Golf motor. Are they easy to find?

1.5KW with reduction!

Hi! Interesting option. Could be worth a try!

Love it! How powerful is that motor?

Hooked a powerful motor an the shredder and created a beast:

Looks very cool Dave! Maybe for the engine you could use a golfcart engine or maybe a washing machine engine something like that.

Hi there. I am really new to this (just started thinking about it 4 days ago). I am considering getting a 3d printer and shudder at the thought of the cost of filament.

I see all these possibilities for shredding plastic. I know the answer is probably yes, but has anyone considered using this image?

Router blades are fairly inexpensive, and are super sharp with hardened steel cutting edges and can come with a 1/2 in shank. They could be set up on counter rotating spindles to achieve the chewing motion. The only problem I see is that they are not of a fixed width so plastic would get caught in between them. This may be remedied using thick washers where the diameter is just short of the hardened tip.

Hi Paul

We’ve been working on the shredder for a while. As it turns out this was the most difficult machine to make. But we almost got it done! We are currently focussed on developing the machines not shredding plastic, so we won’t be able to help out just yet. I wouldn’t recommend a shredder for wood, plastic is much more difficult to shred it probably won’t work. We want to have version 2.0 of the machines ready end this year, you could wait and build a shredder yourself 🙂

Hey Dave and others,

My friend and I are interested in making plastic recycling machines. We started to think about a shredder ’cause you’ll need small pieces to melt it into another shape. However, we are more interested in the melting itself. Maybe you guys have some advice for if we want to build a shredder? See, we also live in the Netherlands and we were wondering if you guys maybe could send us some shredded plastic so we could go on with the melting part? Also, we looked up some shredders on Marktplaats, we saw a few shredders for shredding small wooden sticks wich we could pick up for a couple of bux. Have you looked at that and do you guys think that that would plastic too?

We’d love to hear from you.

We are looking for a low speed 230V motor which turn about 40-80 Rounds Per Minute. And it should be powerfull enough to run this shredder.
Suggestions anyone?

A Raw video of today’s shredder test….

Very Promising….

started building the final prototype for the shredder, all the parts are in place

Added some power to the prototype. It shreds! Anyone knows a strong, easy available, low speed motor?
The current one is not strong enough…

Great News Everyone !

We are able to shred a plastic bottle with a consistent output. It was achieved with a slow but strong mechanism.
Technical Drawings are ready for a final prototype : )

Alex made this quick test to use the plastic shredder without electricity. Bike seemed like a good option.

The dreamteam @alexluna and @keesdeligt shredding plastic!

Thanks for the thoughts. Might be a way to go…have you perhaps got any examples or try-outs?

@keesdeligt did a test to use saw-blades in the shredder, 7 welded on an axe spinning like madness. Although it sounds and looks promising, it’s not. The blades are cutting to intense, to much power is needed to keep everything running smoothly. Also lots of noise

OK, We are shredding. There is a 450 W motor doing a great job cutting plastic into little pieces but still can’t take complete PET bottles. We will replace the motor to double the power and add some weight to the flying wheel.

Hello there!

I come here searching information for a home-based plastic recycling machine. I thought that it was a good idea to have such kind of machine and I was starting to explore the possibility to build one my self… but it seems that you guys are way ahead, and you have a lot more know-how and tools. So I will let you do the hard job and maybe try to help if I can. Let’s make clear I am just a cell biologist with some DiY passion, but not engineer experience whatsoever… But if you like I can share some of my thoughts here hoping it will help.

Regarding the shredder have you considered alternative mechanisms to the blades? I was thinking that it would be easier to flat the plastic and then punching holes on it, or use a “grater” instead of a shredder…