Hi All, I can’t find a shredder draw with the size between holes, diameter and size of the plates. I find the 1:1 print but I, would like to have a technical sheet, so I could built the frame until I have the shredder.
Sorry if I don’t explain it, very well.

You can download Freecad and open the laserfiles (*.dxf). With the measuring tool you can get all the measurements. Tell me if you have any problems.

@olivier The shredder 2.1 has 2 holes each side to avoid the lateral subframe. I will wait the shredder and will built the custom frame, thank you.


Hello @fabirihotmail-com
I’m not 100% sure I understand your request, but if you want to build the frame without having the shredder then I believe the measurements attached will help you.

Also, the bottom plates of the shredder do not have any holes, you will have to drill them yourself. I honestly recommend you to wait until you have the shredder and the motor because depending on those 2 items (specially the motor), your frame design might change considerably to keep the center of gravity well distributed along the frame.