Shredder with Dumbell screws is it possible

Hello , Parts for shredder building are pretty expensive where i live so i end up looking for alternative solutions for building one from everyday object or more affordable items. i came up with Dumbell screws what do you think? is it possible to build simple shredder with them ?

Looks like it should be possible, If you’ve got the time and the tools, try throwing together a simple test rig and see if the plastic actually shreds through it.

If it works, it’ll certainly be a cheaper option

almost similar, might got some inspiration

hey @rouenast it looks like someone in France tried the Dumbell screws
or maybe not…those might just be gears that connect to actual shredding parts inside the blue box

you can see in a post in these forums

Best motor for shredder.

this is the price they gave me for the shredder parts arround 1.000 TL ( 300 euro )for laser cutting.

interesting idea. I’d say worth trying 🙂