Shredder's SIEVE specifications

Hey all,

to those who have built the shredder, I have a question: What kind of perforated sheet have you used? Which one works best? You can buy all kinds with bigger or smaller holes, and it doesn’t say what to use, which one works best for you?

For v3 it would be interesting to make the sieve more easy to replace: not having it welded to the sieve plates, so that if you want to change for one with bigger holes you don’t need to weld plates again.


what is the specification of sieving screen??

in my country people prefere the 8 mm diameter

Hey,thanks. Btw is shredder and agglomerator both required? And why is water add in the agglomerator? Wouldn’t  the moisture affect the further process?

It’s not only about the diameter of the holes but also about space between holes, this is often defined as % of “air”. My seive has 8mm holes but rather big spaces between holes. Which introduces accumulation of flakes on one side of the shredder.

It depends on how small you want your shredder plastic, I wouldn’t chose anything less than 6mm diameter to avoid clogging