Shredding Axe (Axle) – group buy

This part is made from 27mm hex bar and is the main drive shaft that takes the rotating knives. It is turned down for a length of 85mm each end to a diameter of 20mm to pass through the bearings and connect to the motor.

I’ve been trying to price this part, the bill of materials (rather optimistically!) states 15euro, for this price it cannot be stainless steel, but I don’t think it needs to be as it is totally enclosed within the knives and spacers so not actually in contact with the plastic.

Still, to have a single one of this part made in EN8 bright steel seems to cost well over 100GBP/euro. I don’t think it could be done for 15euro unless you found the bar in a scrapyard and are lucky enough to have your own lathe big enough to machine the ends. (The bar is approx 32mm across the corners, so it needs quite a large lathe, it will not fit in the chuck of my hobby-lathe).

If I were to get multiple of these made it would bring the cost down significantly, so my question is, are there enough people who would like to buy this part from me to make this worthwhile? I anticipate I would need at least 8-10 takers and the price for each axle would be around 20-30GBP/euro including the end machining. I can send this part within the UK for 3-4GBP or send within Europe for approx 20euro. Cost to send to the rest of the world may be too expensive.

Please reply here if you are interested.

I’m in depending on the final cost. I can purchase the Hex bar here in Costa Rica for $150, but I think that’s way too expensive.

I found my 27mm hex bar already, and only costed $9 🙂
More info here:

I am in Jamaica, whats the costs looking like…………please email me @