Single screw shredder vs double screw

The shredder plans on here are pretty great and obviously makes a capable shredder. But wondering why it’s single screw vs two rotating towards each other?
All the big industrial machines are double screw, which is why I’m wondering why the single.

hi @jeff000
single screw?
(i’m still new in PP 😀 hopefully not misconception)
you mean single shaft?
i think the point is simply cheaper, easier to built.
if you can built double shaft shredder, well it’s very nice that you can shredd bigger plastic 🙂

regards, halim

i think it doesn’t really affect on motor that much, because the concept of transmission is the same power. single or double screw will be the same torque to crush the plastic. double shaft is designed for faster shredding because _the blade will reach the cutting point easier, _motor stay still.
below formula of shredding unit power (P1) & motor unit (P2)

dual axle shredder require a few more components, gears, bearings, spacers,… not that easy to get those everywhere, for cheap and on size though.

Would implementing a second shaft also reduce the clog between the shaft blades.? We are having this problem, especially with thinner PET plastic bottles.

Shaft, yes. Dual shaft rotating towards each other should need a much smaller motor though.