Slow molding – Clipboard

A fun and simple product made from the sheet material is a clipboard.

Just make the sheet the right size and attach the clip.
I tried to riveting it. And that worked!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy 😀


Like the result, though I say so myself


I just bought some old ones at the second hand shop. I think every clip could work as long as you can riveting them…?

These look great! 🙌🏻


could you please share some info about the clips… like a link or a name you use when searching… cause there are tons of various types of clips and I couldn’t find the right ones.


I made a mold from flat bars and a sheet of steel.

Check the slow molding post for more info:


Dan3008 why not use the basic design and use a benchtop oven instead. downscaling wil be heaps cheaper. you will just loose out on build volume.

Hey Pim!,

Was wondering what kind of mold you used to make these flat sheets?

And, how do they hold up to machining? I noticed the edges were substantially cleaner on your finished product,looks like it was a clean cut– did you experience any warping of the material?

How long did the compression/cooling process take?

Thanks so much!

Greetings from Berlin,


Good Job with the clipboard.

Wow, I need to build a compression machine 😀 Unfortunately, I dont have the money or the space… back to square one

Look at those colors <3