Small aquaponics garden

Hello people of this awesome forum.

I had an idea and since it was based upon an idea of Dave I think it’s fair to share it here. Open source.

As Dave has explain you can recycle plastic into new stuff. This made me think after I saw a video on how to make a small aquaponics garden. Why not use the precious plastic idea to make it happen!

I will not be going into how aquaponics works. There are many great explainations about that on the internet. Just google it 😉.

What the gentleman in the videos made consists of 1 big water bottle that is used for those office water machines. It’s a really big bottle. You cut off the top and use that to plant your plants in. The bottom piece that is left is used to house the fish. The top plant part is placed over the bottom fish part. This way the water can leak back into the fish part. The water is kept in a closed loop system. A small aquarium pump is used to pump a little bit of water up to the plant part.

The top and bottom part can probaly also be made using a mold. I will think of a nice design but input and feedback is welcome since I’m no good industrial designer. Just a programmer.

Link to the video:

EDIT: I added a quick sketch to it.