Small & portable all-in-one system


we wanted to share some of our creations with you. It takes only a few minor modifications to have a small and portable system which provides a shredder, an injection, and the extrusion. The trick is to bolt all down to a solid metal plate (30 cm x 60 cm x 1.5 cm). That metal plate holds all together is to be mounted on a corner of any robust table. To switch between injection and extrusion you need only a solid joint (takes a day with the welder & grinder) as seen below in the pictures.

You can save around 200 – 300 euros less for the frames and about 400 Euros savings for the additional drive (reducer/inverter/motor) needed for the shredder or extrusion and another 100 Euro for additional heat-bands & controllers.

At the end you will end up with around 1000 – 2000 Euro (less if you want) in materials (but no industrial screw) and 2-3 weeks afternoon work. Tools required : grinder, welder, drill press & hand-tools for about 150-300 Euro (second-hand flee market). With a good scrap yard you could get it all done with less than 1000 Euro….

btw. I noticed that the plunger has to be shorter (5cm or so) to have a smooth plunging. the original design causes just too much jamming during injection. we’ll try to get it spring loaded but it seems there is no real space to install a spring a long the plunger, time will tell …

Here you go, the 3-in-one system (shredder box missing) :

here with the shredder box module added. the total length of the ground plate have to be at least 83 cm (includes space for table bolts). also little correction, the ground plate width has to be 20 cm wide and at least 17 mm thick = 40 Euro, for hot rolled steel.