Social Plastic

We are a group of artists from Germany, Thailand and Indonesia. We will start a plastic waste community art project in Nongpho, a small town in Thailand in November, then continue in Indonesia and Germany. Join it!!!


Nice to see people making a move abroad and collaborating collectively.

However, May I just give some advice for the social-plastic | Burning section on your site?

You should try your best to not mention this method of “removing” plastic. Moreover, if you do, mention what the industry average pollution of this is, and try to persuade people to upcycle their waste.

Especially when I navigated to the section “Do it yourself” and then I saw “burning” I was a bit confused. Furthermore, perhaps mention if someone does burn plastics, how to fully safely do it and perhaps use the energy generated from it and put it to good use.

and perhaps tell me more about this “Fraunhofer Institut” oven, I might want one (although I am against burning plastics in general)

Just my two cents. I wish you all luck.