Solar powered vacuum for shore pick up…

So watching a recent PP update video, there was a scene where people were cleaning up a beach.  What I noticed were the people that had to repeatedly bend over to pick up small items.

Seems like a small vacuum that could pick up the bottle caps and smaller items would be very helpful to the team cleaning and gathering plastic.   It would both be faster and better for the worker.

The same mechanism could be used to pick up the larger pieces and drop them into another container.


that’s the spirit; not sure solar will be enough to get sufficient vacuum though but i like the idea; ignoring the extra noise … I’ve seen beach cleaners using simple sticks (sharp cone tip), mostly. works well also under water.
problem is also difficult terrain and one has only 2 hands (mostly) : one for the stick  and one for the bag. let me ask some old buddies what they do about small stuff, they’re doing this since ages 😉

@s2019, we are all doing it wrong, dude. the world isnt a f** up place because of some a**holes, it us allowing it 🙂

seriously, underwater plastic collection via autonomous submarine just screams for an amazing project, also great with an application and direct video feed …

I’d go for one of these:

@pex12 your friends have obviously been doing it wrong. There is no way you can clean a beach without one of these and an app to go with it.

These sorts of things work fine for our local volunteer litter-picking sorties.

here’s is how our friends on ibiza pick up beach plastic; they do this since 20+ years …
i remember the worst part is under water; i could literally watch how all fishes disappeared in just 5 years. there were times you could grab the fish by the hands so many were there …

So a quick search on amazon for vacuums- most car 12V vacuums are 100W, but there is a 50W pump.  The requirement isn’t to deep clean the beach- on the contrary, the requirement is to pick up plastic bottle caps and put them into a bin.  And perhaps have enough vacuum to hold something so that it can be taken off later.

And it would also be easy to put a small hole in the pipe so that it can be uncovered so that you drop the larger plastic pieces.

A 50W solar panel isn’t huge.  Not cheap of free… 100W would be more, and probably better.

So this could be made out of a typical 20l/5gal bucket that one can see all over the place.  Or go big, and get a plastic barrel that has a screw on top.

Which brings up a more realistic question- what kind of buckets and barrels are available all over the world?

There are all sorts of screened scoopers under beachcombing tools, though many of the battery powered leaf blowers also have a vacuum mode. May not last as long with the sand going through them.