Solutions for motor to shredder coupling

Hi out there,

my shredder is almost ready. But one crucial detail is unsolved:
how to connect the motor (28mm shaft) to the hex bar (20mm) of the shredder.
For industrial purposes are a ton of expensive couplings available, with a fixed size.
Do you know any low-tech-methods of connecting them together without the use of a lathe?


Hi @klasu,
thanks for your pm
I have solved my problem with the coupling and this is what I used:
HRC couplings (this explains a bit what they are)
I had a 35mm shaft from the motor and 20 for the shredder
I used a HRC 110 H coupling : Here
and two metric 1610 taper bushes, one 35mm and one 20mm : here

the 1610 taper bushes are the correct number for the 110 couplings. If you chose a different size coupling, you’ll need a different number taper bush.
Here is a good table showing you the different specs for HRC couplings.

Good luck!
Let me know how you get on

Hi @jeanbono,

thanks for the info. I didn’t know, such taper bushes exist. Such machine stuff is not part of my every-day-knowledge. I found an online store in Germany for such things. For other german-speaking readers: they are called Konus-Spannbuchse. An adapter for a coupler to bridge different diameters.

Kind regards