Sourcing Material

I work for a custom extrusion blow molding company. There have been many times we have been asked to dispose of product that has been produced for a customer. We cannot use the plastic in other products and there isn’t enough to make it enticing for a recycling company. It seems like Precious Plastics could get good, clean material direct from companies like ours if they could find a way to collect it. We currently have discontinued product made of Polypropylene in 8 different colors. We don’t want to spend the time, labor, electricity to grind the product and we don’t want to put thousands of bottles in the landfill. This sounds like a perfect opportunity for the Precious Plastics community. Who thinks this could work?


hi, this sounds perfect to me! do you have some photos ? just to get an idea about size and shape. currently there are some limits with the machines but even though there are creative minds getting rid of it 🙂

there is a strong community in the states, possibly someone can pick it up,
thanks for sharing this

wow,plastic is a kind of good sources.

well, thank you ! you’d be the first funneling HQ plastic into PreciousPlastic… There are quite some makers who would be happy about, I hope @justinc helps a little to get it to them. I have it hard my self to get hands on plastic, enough to make tests even.

Thank you. I will get it listed as you have directed. I was just called by another plastics processor who has a trailer of gaylord boxes full of resin, much of it natural unprocessed product and some of it one time use regrind. I am in discussion with him about listing it as well.

no, that was me, but i received no feedback on the issue so that’s why, put it for the lowest amount of 5$ on the bazar instead for now. your plastic seems of good quality, relative easy to shred …

@davehakkens on 16/03/2019 you stated:  eventually we can soon list things for free in the bazaar, please wait til Monday for feedback on this, i will post here the progress.
I was waiting to hear more from you today in regards to feedback you mentioned.
Being paid would be great but primarily I hope to keep it out of landfills.

you could also put it in the bazar, i am sure people would even pay for it.

@davehakkens I failed to mention, although I know it is obvious, but we are in the USA.  @justinc, where are you located. We are 45 miles south of Kansas City I’d really like to see how this concept is working for you. I have attached a form showing the colors of the product we currently have to dispose of.

Our location is as follows:

Plastics Packaging Concepts
104 Lake Road
Garden City, MO 64747
Attn: Greg Meins

eventually we can soon list things for free in the bazaar, please wait til Monday for feedback on this, i will post here the progress.

for now, i hope @justinc can help eventually to get on of his users aware of your offer.

, free plastic in the bazaar, sounds like a good plan 🙂

Perhaps letting us know a location and contact person to reach out to?



Im sure someone would visit with empty hands and haul off loads of your plastics.

This shows one of the white inner bottles and one of the outer that is natural PP with no color. What would be our best way to connect with others in the Precious community to share this?