Space requirements for a plastics workshop

Hi – looking for advice on what the minimum requirements are for a space where we can build a full set of machines. Specs on sq footage, water supply, electricity, ventilation, etc. would be helpful.

Thank you!

@mahitaco Well this things depend upon your affordability of the space. There’s no thumb rule for the area of space. Most people work in small spaces and others have the luxury of big ass workshops. Although make sure the space is well ventilated because some plastics eject harmful fumes. and try to find a place with ample water supply if you don’t want to run around bringing water for drinking😂 And for electricity, if you are using 3 phase motor find a place with 3 phase connection and if single phase then find single phase connection. Hoping that was helpful.

@mahitaco which machine are you building first and for what purpose?

Thank @sharma-sagar – that’s helpful! I’m asking because we’re trying to do this in a shed of some sort in a slum area, so we’ll have to set this all up from scratch. Any other tips, do send them my way 🙂 Cheers!