Hello People,

Help us spread the project to everyone on the of the planet, from the talented designer to the hidden philanthropist. We can never reach them all with our small team. There are a few simple actions we could all take to make sure the new campaign page reaches as many people as possible.

1. The usual thing. Tweet, share on facebook, post on instagram, email the campaign around or talk to your friends about it.
2. The extra mile. Contact your favourite media outlet, both international and local, to let them know about the campaign. You can reach out your favorite magazines, blogs, newspaper, tv, journalists, bloggers or celebrities and ask them to talk about it. Twitter is usually the preferred option for this but also email or standard contact form could work.

Generally, make sure to use the hashtag and link to the campaign

Here you can find the Contact List


A few media examples from our hat:

-Design Milk
-Design boooom
-Fast co
-The next web
-New York Times

Hi – I was watching the videos with my sons who said this would be something great for Scouts and Guides. I have some contacts in the UK Guide and Scout associations. I will contact them this week, however, I think they would only be able to get involved once a workspace is complete in their locality. But I will get onto it.

Was just reading up on the Press Release document, @mattia-io I do like this original version. The only thing that should be clarified is the “free” part.

At Precious Plastic we are trying to boost plastic recycling worldwide.
Our bottom up approach aims to bring our four open source machines in the hands of everyone, for free.

I do understand that the designs and collective knowledge is free. Someone from outside this community would want the term clarified. As much as the campaign is free, but getting machines into the hands of people is most importantly, not. I think it should be recognized as a “low cost DIY design build” instead of saying “it’s free”.

@xxxolivierxxx What do you think? Should i collect some business school contacts to encourage them to make better business plans and marketing strategies for us?

, @trisaratops, @davehakkens what do think about the next PR round? we have more than 100 contacts

Contact lists

shall we go further?

in which area should i dig into?

please guys i wanna help but i need feedback and direction 🙂

@playhost download the package you’ll find everything you need or from here

and yes you can

Hello everyone!

I thought about targeting local as well as national newspapers in Sweden. Where can I find PR pictures for the project and do I have the rights to share these.


Thanks @vasy for your answer.

i understand the plan but i need an executive summary with the budget for the global project and i ask if it exists…

i’ll wait for the answer of @davehakkens and if necessary i go up in Netherland.


@geat i have started an other topic about thaat thanks for the insiration, if you have any suggesions please take it here:


@mattia-io @trisaratops !

What kind of groups are our next target? We need more business oriented people, or we need coding guys? Or we need more machine builders?

Please tell me how can i help, i can’t fly to Netherland now, but i have 30 min free time per day to work for the projekt.


What is the plan whit this campaign ? Have you someone who translate in french ?

I come from switzerland with some old projets:
monnaie léman

Here, in switzerland, we have watches, chocolate and mountain but also Bank with a lot of money. It will be not hard to found some of them but :
Most of the time, foundation or ONG who give money want to give for local project.
The plan is, we are 5 guys in swiss french part and we want create an association “precious plastic switzerland” whit this statutes we can do something.
Something like, present the project, what we want to do here in our country and what the V3.0 plan pour the global project. The idea will be to give 30% or 50% of the money for the global project.

I need a Business plan for the général campaign and goal. An executiv summary will be great.

Here you can found a list of pages facebook we used it for a campaign microtri.
Is it in french sorry but you found a lot of pages about environnemental plastic and ocean.
List facebook environnemental plastic




Hey guys,

Sorry for slow response. I am currently in a trip to Kenya with rather slow connection. Tmw I have some time and will try to edit the post.

Thanks for all the great work!


who will go and spread the world using the links what we have collected? I can do it if you want and pass me a precious plastic mail address to make it look more professional. 😉

could you edit the topic starter comment and insert the links? 😀

can you go on a third round on twitter with the new twitter addresses? 😉 😀 This time i have focused on product designers.

More than one hundred contacts 😀


@vasy Yep, done most of them now 😉


Guys are you here?

who will go and spread the world using the links what we have collected? I can do it if you want and add access to it. 🙂

could you edit the topic starter comment and insert the links? 🙂

can you a second round on twitter with the new twitter addresses? ;9 😀

hey @trisaratops!

Second round? 🙂 (twitter)




Good idea @mattia-io ! I wrote individual messages for each channel, since they specialize in slightly different things. But any of them could be used by us really!

@nytimes Check out https://next.preciousplastic.com/ , community driven effort to boost plastic recycling across the globe! Awesome and inspiring 😍🌎♻️

@core77 Have you seen https://next.preciousplastic.com/ ? They’re looking for fresh designs of recycled plastic items. Design helps save the world? 😍

@WIRED Not sure if you guys saw https://next.preciousplastic.com/ ? Open source recycling machines used by entrepreneurs all around the globe 😍🌎♻️

@Upworthy I think this is totally #upworthy: https://next.preciousplastic.com/ . Saving the world from plastic pollution with a community project! 😍

Hey @Shareable, have you seen this awesome project https://next.preciousplastic.com/ ? Community driven recycling saving us from plastic pollution! 😍

Hey @thetimes! Have you seen https://next.preciousplastic.com/ ? An awesome project raising funds/expertise to boost recycling around the globe 🙌🏾🌎♻️

Hey @guardian! Have you seen https://next.preciousplastic.com/ ? They’re raising funds/expertise to continue open-source recycling around the globe 🌎

Hey @qz peeps, have you seen https://next.preciousplastic.com/ ? Open source recycling project, now trying to create business models to share too 😍

@TheNextWeb Have you checked out https://next.preciousplastic.com/ ? Open source recycling machines that are popping up all over the world 🌎♻️

Hey @verge, have you seen https://next.preciousplastic.com/ ? Helping global entrepreneurs making a living off of recycling rubbish 🙌🏾♻️

Hey @fubiz have you given a shout to https://next.preciousplastic.com/ ? They’re looking for designers to help create beautiful recycled items! 👌🏾

Hey @FastCompany , have you seen this project: https://next.preciousplastic.com/ They’re trying to prop up recycling entrepreneurs across the globe 🙌🏾

Hey @Booooooom ! Have you seen https://next.preciousplastic.com/ ? They’re looking for artists to save the world with recycled plastic goods ♻️🌎

@designmilk Have you seen this project? People all over the world are designing beautiful recycled things! https://next.preciousplastic.com/

@Colossal I think you’ll dig this project: http://next.preciousplastic.com They need designers to come up with beautiful recycled plastic products 👌

hey @trisaratops,

Maybe you wanna share with the community the message you’ve sent as a reference and inspiration for others?

We could draft a sample tweet message people can reuse.

I’ve created a Twitter account just to bug these guys 🙂 :

-Design Milk
-Design boooom
-Fast co
-The next web
-New York Times

I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt if more than one person sent them a msg!

Hi guys!

We have collected several contact information, and i have an plan:

From hello@preciousplastic.com somebody have to write to the collected email addresses (to make it more professional) it can be Dave or anybody who can send email through this email address with specific contenct of course for the maximal inpact (different for a group of coding guys and different for a group of mechanical guys, media group, green groups etc)

Is there any PP twitter account? We should make one and @trisaratops can use it and the collected twitter acc’s to spread in this field.

With PP FB account ( https://www.facebook.com/preciousplastic/ ← this is it right? ) if you @davehakkens give moderator access to me and/or @trisaratops, we can spread the PP projekt with likes and shares and co-operate with green FB sites.

What do you think?