Stamp products fast. Without heating

We will show you how you can stamp the products you made in a fast efficient way. The main benefit is that it doesn’t require heating so you have no heatup/cooldown times. This is good for bigger productions and just saves energy :slight_smile:



3D Files

Step 1 - Get a product

First you need to have a product. We work with sheets and cut them with CNC to make products. We only tried this technique with PP and HDPE. So let’s met show you how we stamp them.

Step 2 - Make your stamp

Make a design for your stamp and mill it in metal. We made ours from brass, but I guess other metals would work as well. Tip: make sure to mirror your design

Step 3 - Press

For pressing we like to use arbor press. It works fast and are easy to use/find. Put the product underneath apply some fore and take it out. You can get really fast here

Step 4 - Use mould for alignment

We like it when things are consistent. So we use a little mould to put in our product to make sure we always stamp in the same place. This actually also makes sure the product doesn’t move when applying force. Not a must, but would highly recommend

Step 5 - Ready!

Here you can see a few products we stamped. We made one stamp for our logo and one for the type of plastic.

Have fun making yours! :slight_smile:

Added hdpe, Precious Plastic, oa-import, product

Added hdpe, Precious Plastic and removed hdpe, Precious Plastic

Added hdpe, Precious Plastic and removed hdpe, Precious Plastic