Step-by-step Shredder instruction

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a step-by step video, instruction or log on how to build the shredder. Im a teenager and I want to build my own shredder but I am inexperienced on machine building.
Can someone pleas help me?

Thanks a lot 🙂

Nice @calderonm1300… I’m not sure if anyone else has made videos, but the OG one is from Dave on youtube… check it here

There are also vids covering all the other machines 🙂

If you are unexperienced builder, the way i would recommend you is to look out for a motor with an reductor already mounted. They are normally more expensive than the motor itself, but it saves you a lot of research about motor specifications and mounting options or converters.


The shredder itself is connected via a coupling to the reductor.

Best case: a “jaw coupling” that compensates for small missalignment of reductor and shredder-unit

Needs more work to align: a solid (diameter = min. 3-5x shaft diameter) piece of steel with centric (!) holes inside and a bolt on each side to fix the shafts (as shown in the video)


If you dont have access to a lathe and no sturdy drill press then go and buy (a used) one. Look for Jaw couplers that fit both shaft diameters exactly (!).


So first find a motor with reductor (see here: ) , then a jaw coupler that fits the reductors shaft and the shaft of the shredder unit.

@anne-barbier thanks for taking time to answer me!! Im an unexperienced builder so I find it hard to understand everything on Dave’s video. I find motor work and the rpm reductor the hardest things to do and I think I need help on how to connect those two.
Im still pretty motivated about doing this project no matter how hard for me it is. 🙂

@timslab Thanks for answering, I asked for that because I have some doubts on the motor work and how to connect everything. I hope I find  someone at my hometown that can help me with that.

it’s not that hard, you need the basic tools : welder, angelgrinder, drill press and the usual hand tools.

There is no real step by step thing since most of it is pretty self-explanatory. the only difficult thing is to make sure that the blades run friction free, it can take a day or so.

wiring the motor  and the inverter : there is plenty on youtube as well.

making couplings : buy them or have a lathe/cnc. i can recommend the both machines anyway, i can’t think of building those machines without.

sorry but i hope it’s still motivating enough 😉