Step up the licensing game

First of all: Hello🖐
First time posting here, but my current research involves PP so you might see me more often soon:)

I just realized that the licensing is not coherent. in the FAQs it says: “Creative Commons license” (without specifying which version as @yphsn mentions here) meanwhile in the download package the MIT License is included (and the license text treats everything as “Software” while no software is included). Then in the terms of this website you kinda write your own license (“Everything is free for whatever use (commercial or personal).”)

I think this should be made coherent to put the project on a solid legal base. I am by no means a copyright expert, but for version 4 I would suggest to:
– switch to a CC license for the machines/tutorials, content shared on the website etc (they have a tool help choosing) .
– stick to MIT for the software part (onearmy, etc.)



as often, my posts get censored, so here as picture :

General Public License not good enough?  A “copyleft” license.

@davehakkens or whoever is in charge for this: so what licensing is it now, or do we have to send $$ as suggested on Patreon first to get answers ? 🙂

it’s amazing, this huge void between Eindhoven and here. so much stuff unanswered, ignored and just plain refused, it’s a little like the void between brave citizens, and them, formerly called government but rather recognized as ‘regime’, sad sad