Suggestion New machine type

I respect preciousplastic project and it’s author greatly! The idea is absolutely brilliant. I want to add idea of simple machine to the project and hope it will do it’s best on the way of cleaning the planet. I found that video not long ago, but i think it is very interesting:
tutorial video

Video is in russian, but you can use subtitles in english.


Wow @aumant thats a awesome little device, looks very handy thanks for posting it.

@1-54 for self taught your English is very good.

There are a lot of designs for this kind of thing.the trick for me is going to be to add a motor and spool

u can make one in 1 and half minut whit just a rectangle of scrap wood whit a thin saw like coping saw(the metal blades for coping saws worck perfecteven whit out the frame) make a strigt cut in the midle of the flat face,dont go full trugth the wood (u put bottle here but latter) then a perpendicular cut tho the last one on one of the larger sides (here fits the blade. cuter etc) the space u left between the bottom of the last cut and this cut marks wire thignes. hope you could understan sorry if ther is mistakes on typing i lernd inglish from playing pokemon red and surfing the interwebs also edy murpy stuff

I’ve built one of these in the past (now broken 🙁 ) but you’ve made me think back, and now I recon I could make a really easy motorised one 😀

Right, thats going to be my first P.P.P (precious plastic project) Im going to make a motorised PET bottle roper

@birdynamnam you have never been a scout I see 😉

To prevent the lateral movement, before heating, lash the rope around the existing “knot”. It would be (compared to the picture) a circle movement, under the upper piece of wood, over the lower piece. Make sure to maintain pressure on the rope untill you’ve got about 3 full circles.

Then heat it

Great ideas, i have a question this are PET bottles rigth?


This is great!

I just made the bolt and washer version today @enviro, and got some good rope out of a tonic bottle. I then tried to join two pieces of wood together by heating it, see pic. It works, but there is some lateral movement which needs addressing. Potential for new methods of jointing furniture though!


& another great little idea for using plastic bottles

Here is another version of the video and yes he gives credit to the Russian fella for the idea