Technical Help

In the extrusion machine, the design details for screw conveyor has not been provided. Can anyone help me out with its design for fabrication. Or anybody who can prepare that conveyor. My location is India.
What kind of steel grade should be used for the whole machine?
Why is the motor attached to screw conveyor shaft in vertical position and not in horizontal position?

@chidu007 Well first of all welcome to Precious Plastic.

To answer your question the screw is an auger bit the dimensions of which are provided in the manual, which is to be bought from a hardware store. The bad news is it’ll be a trouble finding it India, I had to go through dozens of shop when I finally found just one piece for my extruder.

Making one piece would be even more difficult and honestly i don’t even know anyone who makes them

The steel that I used for my extruder was regular MS except for the barrel which was a seamless pipe.

The orientation of the motor depends on the motor you buy. Some motors are horizontal while some are vertical which again depends on the gear type. Not to confuse you or anything but the orientation doesn’t matter, pick a motor that suits the power and rpm needs.

If you need any help you can DM me