The development of PET bottle blowing machines

With the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of production scale, PET bottle blowing machines are becoming more and more automated, and production efficiency is getting higher and higher. Equipment production capacity continues to increase, from the previous production of thousands of bottles per hour to the current production of tens of thousands of bottles per hour. This operation has also evolved from the past manual button type to the current full computer control, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the process operation and increases the stability of the process.

Auxiliary machines and molds: Auxiliary machines are mainly equipment that keeps the mold constant. Mold temperature plays an important role in maintaining product stability. Typically, the temperature of the bottle is high and the temperature at the bottom of the bottle is low. For cold bottles, since the cooling effect at the bottom determines the degree of molecular orientation, it is best to control the temperature at 5-8 ° C; the temperature at the bottom of the hot bottle is much higher. Mold is an important factor affecting the blow molding process of PET bottles. The advantages and disadvantages of the mold shape will reduce or increase the difficulty of process adjustment. For example, ribs, the curvature of the transition zone, and the heat dissipation at the bottom all have an effect on process adjustment.
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