The first 3D Printer using PET Water bottle

Hi all,

A friend of mine finally did it, a 3D printer using PET bottles!
This is the first video showing it actually works… 🙂


I would like to speak with him about how to integrate it with precious plastic.



Did he process the flakes?
There is more to it but basically the way I’ve been experimenting with it is to re-crystalize the flakes then dry them for about 6 hours to prevent hydrolytic degradation. You have to process them right out the oven or they start to absorb moisture and the material will become weak.
I don’t have a fan on my experimental printer so the material slow cooled and crystallized as you can see in the pic.

open-source: I can only comment on the required  grinder addon/stand-alone module for v3/v3.1/v4 shredders. Yes, it’s going open source, arrival Sept/Oct. with v4 🙂 The PET plastic has to be grinded down to max. 1 – 1.5 mm particles.

Badass project guys.

@3dseed looks great! I love the simplicity of just putting the flakes in and skipping the step of filament making 👍

What are the requirements for the flakes? (size, consistency…)

You can put it on the bazar as well, once you’re set up for selling 🙂

Are you by any chance planning to open-source your design?

Ok… we are finally accepting pre-orders…!!
When we get to 10 we will order the first batch.
Please message me if you are interested.

Video here…

Photo of us showing the first one to Kokomo beach last week below 🙂

We will be flying back through the Netherlands on 26th of this month if anyone wants to meet with us.

Should be assembled later this week for first test runs…

Sure, the hot-end is from our partner
Our hopper and other “tweaks” like the grinder, are coming along gradually.
We are looking for sponsors and help so we can get more of them and transport them with us in flight, then setup and run.
Along with @preciousplasticcatalunya we want to  take all the plastic recycling machines we can to run pilot demos in developing countries.
Email me

@s2019 i gonna bug @3dseed til the last bolt this weekend, no worry 🙂 happy to see so much activity in Catalonia recently about plastics. official numbers cite 78% recycling of all plastic, that’s great news 🙂

That is great stuff. @3dseed could you post some more information on your hopper and print head?

YES…!!!   Bring anything you want to show and we’ll spend time together… have a beer… and speak… we have a few big jobs to quote for these days… we need to speak person to person !.. I’ll whatsapp u now 🙂

hey, see you then, it’s just 20 mins from us away, anything you need ? we’ve plenty of spare parts 🙂

And another …

More photos 🙂

We are in Sabadell this weekend …  link here …  with two recycling 3D printers if anyone wants to come see 🙂
link to all our videos here

Hello everyone, this 3D printer is Open Source Hardware? Do you send us your documentation for begin parallels developments and start a community?

Another video of 3dseed showing their machines working printing with PET from water bottles:    Yes it’s Mahors Auger, from

Have you “seen” the Indian or African people “stripping” a bottle into string? Seems to be a simple way to build a hot-end and printer.  A auger or track type feeder of the “string” into the printer would work. Right off the bottle and onto the print.   Make Soda Bottle String (Cool Survival Hack) | How To Make Rope From Plastic Bottle - YouTube A youtuber (not me) doing the same thing… we learn from each other, and this is a good idea… Thank you.

Hi Everyone, thanks Lot.

No we don’t dry/process the flakes at all… we just make sure the bottle is clean and dry. The magic happens in the custom auger inside the hot-end from

We have another one in construction with a tip of 3.0mm it will print much faster and be able to print parts around 70cm cubic.

We would love to have more people interested in running them around the world.
Maybe we can rent/sponsor/lend one, but we need to do a lot of work still…

We’re currently designing it all into one ( safer ) unit (with wheels) about 1m x 1m x 500mm in size.
More soon 🙂