The Green Engineers Machine Builder in California

Hey my name is Steven Mosbrucker. I am the sole owner operator of a R&D/Manufacturing startup called The Green Engineers based out of a community shop called tech shop in San Jose, California in United States. Me personally i am a Mechanical Engineer student at San Jose State University coming up on my last year of academic classes then the whole next year dedicated to my senior project on recycling plastic.

Currently i am working on 3 products:
Shredder: Shreds plastic into shreds to be used in the filament maker.
Filament Maker: Takes in plastic shreds and makes 3D printer filament.
3D Printer: Large 3D printer made out of sustainable materials

Shredder: Currently starting production
Filament Maker: Prototype in production for 2 years. Needs design update for final version
3D Printer: Designed. prototyping not yet started.

Development blogs on website:
Shredder: Shredder Blog
Filament Maker: 3D Printer Filament Maker Blog

I call the shredder the reclaimer.
The current design uses standard 1055 or A36 steel
Dimensions are 6″(inch) x 6″ x 3.5″ chamber
Drive shaft is a .75″ x .75″ square shaft that uses 1045 or A36 steel
Blades are .25″ thick and a total of 24 blades per shredder.
The design uses the old school inward rotating blades shearing/crushing style.

Currently starting production. Busy optimizing production process. Currently available for pre-order on my website. Coming to Precious Plastic Bazar very soon after i begin production at full speed.

but these are the specs as of right now
6″ x 6″x x 3.5″ overall dimensions
Hand powered
1055 steel blades
1045 steel .75″ x .75″ square drive shafts
Heat Treating Avaiable

Future Upgrades:

I am currently working on streamlining the manufacturing process of whichever process i am going to use. Currently i am looking into CNC plasma, CNC milling, CNC waterjet, and outsourcing. i have access to the mill, waterjet, and plasma. I am just trying to find the best way to make it cheapest for you guys. Check out my dev blog above for the shredder i make biweekly updates there it is the most up to date resource. But i work on the project at least every day.

Very interested in the shredder. Is the price on your site a working price point or the final price. It is extremely reasonable from what I gather and I would be very interested in one as well.

I would second that I am looking forward to a video of one in operation!

Do you have a spec sheet on the shredder? Powered or unpowered? Hopper? Leadtime? Shipping weight and dimensions?

I am ready to order but have lots of questions.


how much do you think it will cost to purchase the shredder or parts from you? I have been looking around and being in south florida I don’t see a whole lot of options to make one for relatively cheap

Yea i am going to be open sourcing the design here soon. So that if you guys would want to buy one from me or make one with parts near by you can do so. As it is easily build able with off the shelf parts at any hardware store in most countries except for maybe the arduino but that is also pretty worldwide.

@thegreenengineers good to hear more members in the community working on 3D printing solutions, I have been working on a filament extruder for the last 1 year on my free time and so far I have an automatic filament winder, an extruder and lots of PLA pellets for testing, but the filament width puller/monitor is what has been a pain. I’m currently using a digital caliper hooked to an arduino to speed up or slow down the nema puller but I have not been able to get the caliper to reliably send data to my arduino.

I had the caliper setup on a testing breadboard and working fine, but as soon as I moved it the whole thing stopped working 😛
I know I probably have a bad connection somewhere but haven’t had the time to take a look at it.

I am working on putting them out. I did some more cutting of steel today on the tormach mill. I am going to try to diversify the manufacturing process that i use to decrease the machine time drastically. But yea it will be able to shred strong plastic.

I will be watching for you shredder to come up for sale. Do you think it could handle stronger pieces of plastic like stripped vacuum cleaners? A shroud and a 3 phase motor is a must but I can supply that. Do you have any pictures or video of your current model?

Keep up the good work.

3D Printer Filament Maker
I call it The Multistruder
Currently a prototype. The final product will be named and designed differently
Uses basic hardware found off the shelf and some generally readily available electronics.
Uses Arduino Mega to control the heater, motor and everything else.
So completely modable and open source
Uses a modified off the shelf wood auger bit as extrusion screw.
Uses water pipe as the body of the extruder.
Base is going to be modified to be made out of aluminum extrusion.

Now adding 2 modules
One will check diameter of filament and tell the arduino to change settings to make sure that the filament is the right size
The other one will wind the 3d printer filament onto a 3d printer spool for use on your printer