The Laundromat – Washing and Drying

Made some equipment yesterday to try washing and drying.
Needed in the machinery for cleaning the Household waste.
Used a Old washer drum for cleaning, and 12V wiper motors.

This looks great! not too complicated to make.

How well did the regrind clean? We are having a problem at the moment with glue residue staying on the ground pieces. Tried steaming but that didn’t seem to lift the glue, do you use an industrial detergent and how long is the cycle?

Any other tips on cleaning the regrind would be great. Do you guys do a hand wash and prep before hand?

I like ’em both!
Thanks so much for sharing!

Jordan’s question is mine too – what should one use to add to the water?
The next question is what to do with the dirty water after? I suppose you have to make sure whatever was previously in the plastic is grey water compliant right?

We tried with washing up liquid but this made the mix too ‘foamy’ and hard to drain. I think a detergent that cleans without creating suds or foam would be best, that way it is easier to rinse. We are thinking of creating a similar cycle to a washing machine, where you start with soapy water which cleans, then you rinse, then you dry. As a washing machine doesn’t create too many suds this will work well with the plastic we think. We are mainly working with HDPE over here in the UK and everything seems to be caked in glue!

There are a few dairy brands which need some respect for creating products that are very easy to process, one we like has a cardboard jacket over a plastic yoghurt pot when finished with you remove the cardboard jacket and rub off a tiny spot of glue (with your finger) and the plastic is ready to process with a quick rinse.

depends on what you are cleaning. We do try to clean as much as we can before shredding labels etc. That’s said we do think there are more effective ways to clean plastic. Still looking into other possibilities as well! Meanwhile have a look at this video, might give a glimpse of how we work