Tioman Green & Up-Cycle Shelter (TUCS)

Im based at Tioman Island Malaysia Pahang.

Basically now day I’m running Small B&B and also watersport centre.

Since year 2010 i have start community program for islanders with along campaign and awareness of recycle program.

After 6 year with some small project i has complete :-

Coral Reef Replantation – using Glass Bottle
Recycle Bin Project – Gave away to local business outlet and collecting plastic bottles and Glass.
Yearly Beach Clean Up – With local kids and NGO
Can Crusher Project – Gave away to local business outlet
Green Paddling Program –

So by this year I’m looking to create Tioman Green & Up-Cycle Shelter which is to recycle and up cycle all waste specially plastic and Glass around Tioman Island.

The project has done by you guys are really interesting and make me more excited to made this project happen.

I have area , machine and etc… Only need guidance and help from anybody here to make this project happen.

The idea to use the recycle plastic to made souvenir or etc…

Not only just build up the Green House , I’m also planning to make this project are continues for spread the awareness to local and also place to open for any volunteer that want to experience my island beauty and the same time involved in this program.

Maybe can get your Dave here in Tioman Island for help setting up with us its better…

All islanders will be happy for this , due to every year we have too received drift plastic bottle form china at Our Island.

The island going to reach low season on november till february so is the best time to start the project which is my self can provided the accommodation and meals for the team 🙂

My daily lifestyle can been seen at my Facebook page :


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Hope to hear some respond from all of you guys 🙂




@tcts, any progress so far? Anyone messaged you?