I was wondering if there could be a way to combine tires with plastics ?  Here im the U.S. we have a  big problem with tires.  Nobody here seems to wonder what happens to them.  Up in Northern Colorado there is a place the locals call Tire Mountain.   It is in the middle of nowhere and you can’t imagine how many tires there are for miles. I think that if shredded there could be many useful ways to use this. Most tires have steel threads running through them, so every one seems to think they’re useless.  I see it as a plus if we can find a economical way of shredding them.


Would also be interesting to use them as building materials like in this video:

but by filling them with something like the sand/plastic mixture mentioned here:
Roof tiles from plastic waste

Shredding rubber is normally a very bad idea, as its dust can be very dangerous. Probably also why it is not yet being done at a large scale…