Translation to Spanish

Hello David, I’m interested in recycling plastic person and I’ve been watching your web. I downloaded the files and as supposed, are in English, so I propose that I pass the font you use in the files, to make the model translated into Spanish, and if you think well, hang on the web. I think it would help a lot and get more support. Greetings, thank you. PS If you know Spanish, answer in Spanish please do not master the English too, thanks.


I know there are many spanish speaking members on the forum, same goes for portuguese, hindi, chinese and even russian speakers, but in order to unify the community and let everyone understand each other, we have tried to keep all the content in the forum in English as much as possible. I’m a native spanish speaker and I understand your concern, but trying to integrate so many different languages in the forum will end up fragmenting the whole community.

If you want to go ahead and translate the documents to Spanish that would be awesome, we can even make you a sticky thread to put links to your files so that other spanish speakers can download them.

Hola Rafa. Recibiste alguna respuesta de Dave?

Rafa – si te hace falta ayuda en alguna cosa en inglés, dímelo!