Turning plastic into Hydroponic containers

Hi everyone, I only just joined but been interested in recycling for a long time. Always looking for ways to make things better.

My idea is to turn waste plastic into hydroponic containers which then can be used to grow food in local areas. I think this would be an excellent project to pursue and could help a lot of people earning extra money or reducing their food bills to make life a bit or a lot easier. It also could be taken all around the world as plastic waste is found everywhere even poor countries.

on a side note organic waste feed to worms will produce fertilizer for the hydroponic set ups.

What are your thoughts on this and I would love to hear from anyone.


Hi @wolfie3556 – there has been a small amount of discussion on hydroponics in these forums (use the “search” to find old posts).  But there hasn’t been any updates for a while, I don’t think.

Have you got any particular designs of container in mind?

Most of the PP schemes seems to involve devising highly economical methods of creating “things” from the various types of waste thermoplastic that might be available in any particular location.  Obviously some types of plastic are better than others when using certain manufacturing methods – and there are people here with experience of working with most types & techniques.  If you have an idea of the shapes and sizes of objects needed – then I’m sure people here would be able to suggest good (or at least feasible) ways to produce them 😉

thanks, I will search for that for older post.

There is a whole range of products I have in mind from pots to channels. I used to work with rubber and done moulding and some extrusion.
From what I understand and seen it should be possible do something along the line on what I have in mind. I’ll keep working away at it and try to find some people around here to see if we can get something going.

looking for any help with product development and what are suitable machinery requirements or any other ideas.