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My name is Claudia and spent recently 2 weeks in Uganda with my in-law-family there.
This inspired me to find out about plastic (that’s how I  found precious plastic) and the wish to help the kids that they don’t have to play with plastic spoiled grounds.
I want to give people work and most of all my sisters and friends an easier time with the toilet situation. I had such a thing with me and it became very dear to me. Since it from medical silicone it’s out of any price range. So why not make it out of the rubbish from the street and find a help for the women in one go.

I need help with the mold creating
I need to know what the machines would cost in Uganda.


Hey there,
given the conditions and requirements of your ideas, I’d rather say it’s quite difficult. To start with, the precious plastic community & network will have it really hard to get any machine down there. The bazar for instance isn’t covering this kind of risks for providers. Also looking at the required amounts (tons) of plastic to be processed in your area leave only one option : get a shredder from Alibaba. Those are quite cheap and can process hundreds of kilograms per hour if you have a little budget but I know the ‘customs and insurance problems’ is even worst for sending machines from Asia to your place though. Nonetheless, there are few cheap alternatives to recycle plastic on a micro level with a few tools available in this regions.

Without knowing the budget, it’s hard to say anything. I only know there are dozens of people from Africa popping up here in the forum per month and 99% of them give up and don’t come back, at all, due to exactly the problems mentioned above.

A semi-industrial shredder from Alibaba is around 3000-5000 Euro, insurance, tax, customs ,… excluded. The micro but better quality shredder from Precious Plastic Bazar is around 1700 Euro… Then you need still a forming device which can be relative easy to build for the some people in this area.

Thank you for the information. It’s all still so fresh. I need to learn a lot more. Since I spent 5 years with talking about coffee as a non-coffee-drinker for work — it’s time to do something useful. I  have already seen some helpful information from YouTubers with simple means to create new stuff out of plastic.

A very good informative article. I’ve bookmarked your website helix jump and will be checking back in future!